25 June 2024
Video Games

Video games have been around for decades, and they continue to evolve with new technologies and advancements. As the gaming industry grows, so does the terminology used by gamers and collectors. One term that has become increasingly popular is CIB. But what does CIB mean in video games? In this article, we will explore the meaning of CIB and its significance in the gaming world.

 Definition of CIB

CIB stands for “Complete In Box.” It is a term used to describe a video game that is in its original packaging and includes all of its original components. This means that the game cartridge or disc, instruction manual, and any other inserts or accessories that were originally included with the game are still present. In short, a CIB game is one that is complete and has not been separated from its original packaging.

Importance of CIB for Collectors

For collectors, having a CIB game is highly desirable. It adds value to their collection and provides a sense of authenticity. A CIB game is considered to be in better condition than a loose game because it has been preserved in its original packaging. Collectors often seek out CIB games to add to their collections, and they are willing to pay a premium price for them.

In addition to adding value to a collection, CIB games also provide a glimpse into the history of video games. The packaging and inserts that come with a game can provide information about the game’s release date, developer, and publisher. They can also give insight into the marketing strategies used to promote the game at the time of its release.

Rarity of CIB Games

CIB games are not always easy to come by. As time passes, it becomes increasingly difficult to find games that are still in their original packaging. This is especially true for older games that were released before the concept of collecting video games became popular. As a result, CIB games are often considered to be rare and valuable.

The rarity of CIB games has led to a market for them among collectors. Some collectors specialize in finding and selling CIB games, and they often use online marketplaces to do so. The prices for CIB games can vary widely depending on the game’s rarity, condition, and demand.

 Alternatives to CIB Games

While CIB games are highly desirable, they are not always necessary for playing and enjoying video games. Many gamers prefer to buy loose games or digital copies of games because they are often less expensive and more convenient. Loose games are games that have been separated from their original packaging, but they still include the game cartridge or disc. Digital copies of games can be downloaded directly to a gaming console or computer.

For gamers who are not interested in collecting video games, loose games or digital copies may be a better option. They provide the same gameplay experience without the added cost of a CIB game. However, for collectors, the authenticity and rarity of a CIB game cannot be replicated by loose games or digital copies.


In conclusion, CIB stands for “Complete In Box” and refers to a video game that is in its original packaging and includes all of its original components. CIB games are highly desirable among collectors because they add value to a collection and provide a sense of authenticity. They are also considered to be rare and valuable because they become increasingly difficult to find over time. While CIB games are not necessary for playing and enjoying video games, they provide a glimpse into the history of video games and are an important part of the gaming world.

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