25 June 2024
the terrifier 2 online

Horror movie fans are in for a treat as the highly anticipated sequel to the 2016 cult classic, “Terrifier,” is set to release soon. “Terrifier 2” promises to be even more terrifying and gruesome than its predecessor, and fans can’t wait to get their hands on it. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about “Terrifier 2” online, from its release date to where you can watch it.

Release Date

“Terrifier 2” was initially set to release in October 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the release was delayed. The good news is that the movie is now set to release on October 26, 2021, just in time for Halloween. Fans have been eagerly waiting for the sequel, and the delay has only added to the anticipation.


The plot of “Terrifier 2” picks up right where the first movie left off. Art the Clown, the sadistic killer clown, is back and deadlier than ever. The movie follows a group of unsuspecting victims who cross paths with Art and fall prey to his twisted games. The movie promises to be even more gruesome and terrifying than the first one, so horror fans should brace themselves for a wild ride.

Cast and Crew

“Terrifier 2” is directed by Damien Leone, who also directed the first movie. The movie stars David Howard Thornton as Art the Clown, who reprised his role from the first movie. Other cast members include Jenna Kanell, Samantha Scaffidi, and Catherine Corcoran. The cast and crew have been tight-lipped about the movie’s plot and what fans can expect, but they have promised that it will be worth the wait.


The official trailer for “Terrifier 2” was released in September 2021, and it has already garnered millions of views. The trailer gives fans a glimpse of what they can expect from the movie, and it’s safe to say that it looks terrifying. The trailer is filled with jump scares, gore, and Art the Clown’s signature brand of sadistic humor. Fans who haven’t watched the trailer yet should do so at their own risk.

Where to Watch

“Terrifier 2” will be available to watch online on various streaming platforms. The movie will be available to rent or buy on Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, and Vudu. Fans who prefer physical copies can also purchase the movie on DVD or Blu-ray. The movie will also be available to watch in select theaters, so fans who want the full cinematic experience can catch it on the big screen.


“Terrifier” was a surprise hit when it was released in 2016, and fans have been eagerly waiting for the sequel ever since. The first movie was praised for its practical effects, gore, and Art the Clown’s terrifying performance. The sequel promises to deliver more of the same, and early reviews have been positive. Fans who have had the chance to watch the movie early have praised it for its gore, suspense, and Art the Clown’s performance.


Fans who can’t get enough of Art the Clown can also purchase “Terrifier” merchandise online. The official website sells t-shirts, posters, and other merchandise featuring Art the Clown’s iconic face. Fans can also purchase the first movie on DVD or Blu-ray, as well as a limited edition collector’s set that includes both movies.


“Terrifier 2” promises to be a terrifying and gruesome ride for horror fans. The movie’s release has been highly anticipated, and fans can finally get their hands on it on October 26, 2021. The movie will be available to watch online on various streaming platforms, as well as in select theaters. Fans who want to experience the full terror of Art the Clown should catch the movie on the big screen. With positive early reviews and a dedicated fanbase, “Terrifier 2” is sure to be a hit.

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