25 June 2024
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The Rise of DealShare

DealShare was founded in 2018 by Vineet Rao, Sourjyendu Medda, Sankar Bora, Rishav Dev, and Rajat Shikhar. The platform leverages the popularity of WhatsApp to connect with users and offer them a wide range of products at affordable prices. By focusing on smaller towns and cities, DealShare aims to tap into the vast potential of underserved markets.

The company’s unique business model revolves around group buying, where users can form groups with their friends and family to avail of additional discounts on products. This approach not only helps customers save money but also encourages social interaction and community building.

The Power of WhatsApp

WhatsApp, with its massive user base in India, provides an ideal platform for DealShare’s operations. The company utilizes WhatsApp’s features to create a seamless shopping experience for its users. Customers can browse through a catalog of products, place orders, and make payments directly within the app.

The convenience and familiarity of WhatsApp have played a crucial role in DealShare’s rapid growth. With over 400 million active users in India, WhatsApp offers a vast potential customer base for the platform. Moreover, DealShare’s integration with WhatsApp allows it to leverage the app’s

Expansion and Growth Strategy

DealShare plans to utilize the newly raised funds to expand its operations across multiple states in India. The company aims to establish a presence in 100 cities and towns within the next year, up from its current presence in 25 locations. This aggressive expansion strategy will help DealShare reach a larger customer base and strengthen its position in the market.

To support its growth, DealShare also plans to invest in technology infrastructure and logistics capabilities. By improving its supply chain and delivery network, the company aims to ensure timely and efficient order fulfillment, further enhancing the customer experience.

Competing in the Indian E-commerce Market

The Indian e-commerce market is highly competitive, with established players like Flipkart and Amazon dominating the space. However, DealShare has managed to carve out a niche for itself by targeting a different segment of customers and offering unique features.

By focusing on smaller towns and cities, DealShare taps into a market that is often underserved by larger e-commerce platforms. The company’s emphasis on affordable products and group buying discounts resonates well with price-sensitive consumers in these areas. Additionally, DealShare’s integration with WhatsApp provides a seamless shopping experience that sets it apart from traditional e-commerce platforms.


DealShare’s recent funding round of $100 million is a testament to the platform’s potential and the confidence investors have in its business model. By leveraging WhatsApp’s popularity and targeting underserved markets, DealShare has managed to differentiate itself in the competitive Indian e-commerce landscape. With its expansion plans and investment in technology and logistics, DealShare is well-positioned to continue its growth trajectory and bring affordable products to millions of consumers across India.

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