25 June 2024
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The Success of Sky Light 160m:

Sky Light 160m is a visually stunning and emotionally captivating game that allows players to explore a beautiful and expansive world. Released exclusively on the PlayStation platform, the game has received widespread critical acclaim for its unique gameplay mechanics and breathtaking art style. The game’s success can be attributed to several factors.

Firstly, thatgamecompany’s reputation for creating emotionally-driven experiences has played a significant role in attracting players to Sky Light 160m. The studio’s previous titles, such as Journey and Flower, have established a loyal fanbase who eagerly anticipated their next project. The game’s ability to evoke a wide range of emotions, from joy to sadness, has resonated deeply with players and has been praised for its ability to create a truly immersive experience.

Secondly, the game’s stunning visuals have contributed to its success. The art direction in Sky Light 160m is nothing short of breathtaking, with vibrant colors and intricate details bringing the world to life. The game’s environments are meticulously crafted, and the use of light and shadow adds a sense of depth and beauty to the experience. Players have been captivated by the sheer beauty of the game, often spending hours simply exploring and taking in the sights.

The Partnership with Sequoia Capital:

In a move that surprised many in the gaming industry, thatgamecompany recently announced a partnership with venture capital firm Sequoia Capital. Known for their investments in successful tech companies such as Apple, Google, and WhatsApp, Sequoia Capital’s involvement with thatgamecompany has raised eyebrows and sparked speculation about the studio’s future plans.

The partnership with Sequoia Capital brings with it a wealth of resources and expertise that can propel thatgamecompany to new heights. With access to Sequoia Capital’s vast network of connections and industry knowledge, the studio can leverage these resources to further develop their games and reach a wider audience. Additionally, the financial backing provided by Sequoia Capital allows thatgamecompany to invest in new technologies and talent, ensuring that they continue to push the boundaries of game development.

The Collaboration with Tetsuya Takahashi:

Another significant development in thatgamecompany’s journey is their collaboration with renowned game designer Tetsuya Takahashi. Best known for his work on the critically acclaimed Xenoblade Chronicles series, Takahashi brings a wealth of experience and creative vision to the table.

The collaboration between thatgamecompany and Tetsuya Takahashi is an exciting prospect for both developers and players alike. Takahashi’s expertise in creating immersive and expansive worlds aligns perfectly with thatgamecompany’s artistic vision. The partnership has the potential to result in groundbreaking gameplay mechanics and storytelling techniques that push the boundaries of what is possible in video games.

The Future of thatgamecompany:

With the success of Sky Light 160m and the support of Sequoia Capital and Tetsuya Takahashi, the future looks incredibly promising for thatgamecompany. The partnership with Sequoia Capital provides the studio with the resources and connections necessary to continue creating innovative and emotionally-driven experiences. Additionally, the collaboration with Tetsuya Takahashi opens up new avenues for exploration and experimentation in game design.

As fans eagerly await the studio’s next project, it is clear that thatgamecompany is poised to make a significant impact on the gaming industry. Their ability to create games that resonate with players on a deep emotional level sets them apart from their peers. With the backing of Sequoia Capital and the creative input of Tetsuya Takahashi, thatgamecompany is well-positioned to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible in video game storytelling and artistry.


thatgamecompany’s Sky Light 160m has captured the hearts of players worldwide with its emotionally-driven gameplay and stunning visuals. The partnership with Sequoia Capital and collaboration with Tetsuya Takahashi further solidify the studio’s position as industry leaders. With the support of Sequoia Capital’s resources and expertise, and the creative input of Tetsuya Takahashi, thatgamecompany is poised to continue creating groundbreaking experiences that push the boundaries of video game artistry. As fans eagerly anticipate their next project, it is clear that thatgamecompany’s future is bright and full of exciting possibilities.

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