25 June 2024
brazilbased 26.5m series global

Investment Strategy:

26.5m Series Global focuses on investing in startups that have the potential to disrupt their respective industries. The firm’s investment team looks for companies that have a unique value proposition, a strong management team, and a scalable business model. The firm typically invests in seed and series A rounds, with an average investment size of $500,000 to $2 million.

One of the key factors that sets 26.5m Series Global apart from other venture capital firms is its focus on Latin America. The firm believes that the region is ripe for innovation and has a wealth of untapped talent and resources. By investing in Latin American startups, 26.5m Series Global aims to help these companies grow and expand globally.

Portfolio Companies:

Since its inception, 26.5m Series Global has invested in several promising startups across various sectors. One of its portfolio companies is Kovi, a Brazilian car rental platform that allows users to rent cars on a subscription basis. Kovi has raised over $100 million in funding and has expanded to several cities in Brazil and Mexico.

Another notable portfolio company is InEvent, an event management software company that helps businesses plan and execute virtual and in-person events. InEvent has raised over $2 million in funding and has worked with clients such as Coca-Cola, IBM, and Microsoft.

Other portfolio companies include MedPass, a healthcare platform that connects patients with doctors and clinics; Housi, a Brazilian proptech company that offers flexible housing solutions; and Housi+, a platform that provides property management services for landlords.

Future Plans:

Looking ahead, 26.5m Series Global plans to continue investing in innovative startups across Latin America and beyond. The firm aims to expand its portfolio and support companies that have the potential to make a significant impact in their respective industries.

In addition to its investment activities, 26.5m Series Global also plans to launch an accelerator program for early-stage startups. The program will provide selected startups with funding, mentorship, and resources to help them grow and scale their businesses.


26.5m Series Global is a venture capital firm that is making waves in the Latin American startup ecosystem. With its focus on disruptive startups and its strategic investments, the firm is helping to drive innovation and growth in the region. As it continues to expand its portfolio and launch new initiatives, 26.5m Series Global is poised to become a major player in the global venture capital landscape.

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